As a professional flautist I’ve been consciously working with the breath since I was 14. I know how to shape the air for the best quality of sound and musical experience. As a teacher, I can see and hear how to change my students’ breathing for the optimal results. I thought I knew everything about the breath. I was wrong. My panic attacks and performance anxiety led me to learn and heal.

My first panic attacks happened when I travelled daily on the London underground. I was so scared I needed to find a better solution rather than repeating the mantra “I’m calm” ‘cause it didn’t work. I knew I need a tool or technique to get back my control over my mind and body. I found Soma Breath and I learned how to calm my nervous system. Similarly to this- although I had some traumatic driving experience- I managed to pass the driving exam using some reprogramming. Since then, I drive safely and confidently.

As a Soma Breathwork Instructor, I am on a mission to share and let people experience the spiritual and scientific power of the breath in an interactive and artistic context. I guide group and individual sessions in Hungary (currently mainly online) with the combination of music, movement and breath. I spread the light of Soma in Hungarian but I teach internationally too. While I share the message of Soma to a wider audience I am also specialising in stage performance research. Soma for performers both can help to reduce, even end their anxiety and getting optimal performance quality by learning how to change their breath.

I felt empowered and happy so I wanted to share these tools with others and I also felt I’ve arrived. I always wanted to form a creative community based on music and meditation. Soma brought this vision into the next level. A new genre has been born and I found myself in a new role.

Guiding my first Soma session I felt myself as a channel of love and light and could easily let this divine power lead my words and actions.

I recognised my creative potential and I enjoy using the combination of breathwork with acoustic and electronic music.  Not only I can teach others to find their key to their own creative and healing potential but also becoming Soma Instructor made me reinventing myself as a musician.