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My name is Kata Szanyi

Hi, my name is Kata Szanyi

Breathwork and Meditation Instructor

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I am Mummy and Musician too.

My heartful mission in life is to transfer all my experiences, knowledge and passion about reaching the highest potential both in our personal and professional life.  

 As a classically trained musician I went through all the stages to become my best version on stage.

I finished my Master in the Conservatorium of Amsterdam with MIME/PHYSICAL ACTING specialisation. I became a Performer.

My passion is to turn our shadows into LIGHT!

I became a Teacher.

I am extremely grateful to being in service to YOU.


I dedicate myself to show your incredibely empowering breath as your best friend and transformationaly buddy. As a certified Soma Breathwork Teacher I can best serve you with group or 1:1 sessions both online and offline.

I lived in 3 countries: Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom. Currently I am in Hungary and I raise my beautiful daughter, Léna.

PhotoCredit: Bogi Nagy

What can you learn from

me using

Breathwork & Meditation ?

How to be more focused/present on stage?

How to stress less, and managing performance anxiety?

How to improve your stamina?

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